5 New Features Coming to Snapchat

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Ever since short-form videos and face filters gained quality on the net, Snapchat has been one of the highest platforms amongst creators. it absolutely was primarily attributable to Snapchat’s large assortment of distinctive AR lenses and great options you’ll be able to use to form Stories. It allows you to connect with friends, family, and subscribers in a totally different and fun manner.

Now, following the increase of the continued COVID-19 pandemic last year, Snapchat has garnered plenty of latest users and additional many features and AR lenses to cater to them. However, the corporate is functioning on several features to lure users. Let’s not waste any further time and check them out.

5 New Features Coming to Snapchat 2021


So, here are unit five options that area unit coming back to Snapchat in 2021. you’ll be able to examine the interactive table of contents below to flick thru the options.

1. Cancel Send

Recently discovered by reverse app-engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Snapchat aims to feature a replacement “Cancel Send” button for non-delivered messages. As a result, users can un-send or cancel the method before a message gets delivered to a recipient. therefore it would be almost like the “Undo Send” button on Twitter is developing at the instant.

Paluzzi discovered the feature is one of the newest beta builds of Snapchat. He shared a screenshot showcasing the new possibility, that you’ll be able to examine right below.

2. Favorite Stickers

Stickers, as we know, became fun thanks to acting with friends on social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat. However, in contrast to the previous platforms, Snapchat doesn’t give users an ardent “Favorite Stickers” section. Snapchat is finally performing on adding an ardent section for stickers you’d prefer to use frequently.

Also discovered by Paluzzi, Snapchat has been performing on the feature since February. However, it’s not formally accessible for the general public nonetheless. He shared a couple of screenshots via a tweet recently, check them out below.

3. Shared Story

Apart from these options, Paluzzi additionally discovered a replacement feature associated with the Stories practicality on Snapchat. As per Paluzzi, the corporate is trying to introduce a replacement quiet story feature known as “Shared Story” to allow you to invite friends and family to affix a story. you’ll be able to examine the screenshots shared by the app engineer right below.

According to Paluzzi’s rationalization, it’ll be sort of a custom story that will embrace multiple contributors. The member’s World Health Organization to be part of a “Shared Story” may also invite their friends, raise the story, and see alternative members.

4. Remix Stories

Another new feature associated with Snapchat Stories coming back presently is that the ability to remix stories. Popularized by TikTok, which is presently illegal in India, the “Remix” feature has become quite an issue on social media platforms.

We recently saw Instagram introduce the feature for its short-form video platform Reels. Now, as per Paluzzi’s screenshots, it feels like Snapchat also will bring an analogous feature in time.

5. Friend Check-Up


Other than the on top of options, Snapchat additionally proclaimed to feature a replacement privacy-focused feature to stay users safe from strangers on its platform. the corporate proclaimed to introduce a feature known as “Friend Check-Up” to let users review the profiles of their friends. This aims to assist Snapchatters to determine any alien in their friend list, whom they may have additional erroneously at some purpose.

The feature can deliver Friend Check-Up notifications to users from time to time to encourage them to review their friend lists. As per Snapchat, this straightforward tooltip can facilitate users to “make positive it’s [friend list] created of folks they still need to be connected to”.

Now, coming back to the supply, Snapchat proclaimed the feature back in February. At the time, the corporate expressed that it’ll roll out for automaton within the coming back weeks, and iOS within the coming back months. Now, I will ensure that it’s not created its thanks to the iOS version of the app nonetheless. However, I’m undecided regarding the supply of it on automaton. therefore if you see the feature in Snapchat on your automaton device, allow us to understand within the comments.

Get Ready to Use superb New Snapchat Features!

So, these were five of the foremost attention-grabbing options which will presently come back to Snapchat on automaton and iOS. Moreover, following the ban of the popular short-video platform TikTok, Snapchat has garnered several new users in India. As a result, the corporate aims to continue its growth in one of the largest markets within the world. So, that new Snapchat feature area unit you most excited to use? allow us to understand within the comments section.

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