Apex Legends Mobile Launches in India in Next Month

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EA has confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile can launch in beta later this month. it’ll ab initio be restricted to “a few thousand players” across India and therefore the Philippines.

Apex Legends Mobile: PUBG Alternative?

Yeah, Apex Legends is finally returning to mobile to require on the likes of PUBG Mobile and decision of Duty Mobile within the battle royale area. it’s not a port of the PC/ console game. Instead, “Apex Legends Mobile is being engineered especially for mobile” and therefore, it won’t feature cross-play support.


It can be free-to-play and therefore the gameplay will stay identical to its PC/ console counterparts. some screenshots shared by Semitic deity sing their own praises the graphics, legends like a hound, Lifeline, Caustic, and others. And what’s fascinating is that the sport looks to own an associate degree older version of the World’s Edge map, that is much-loved by the community. you’ll look at these screenshots right here:

“Apex Legends Mobile is specially designed for touchscreens, with efficient controls and thoughtful optimizations that end in the foremost advanced battle royale combat offered on a phone. It’s a replacement version of Apex Legends, however, it’s faithful the first,” aforesaid Chad Grenier, Game Director on Apex Legends in a politician diary post. The mobile game can embody its own Battle Pass, providing you access to distinctive collectible cosmetics, and unlockables.

Pre-Registration Details

To start with, This game can solely be offered on automaton devices. it’ll expand to new regions and iOS over the course of the trial. If you’re desirous to get your hands on this ability-focused battle royale game initial, then do pre-register on the Play Store right here. keep in mind to toggle on ‘Automatic install’ that the game is mechanically put in on your device once it becomes offered.

So, the massive question is – can this game is able to fill the outlet created by the PUBG ban earlier last year? that battle royale game area unit you enjoying right now? allow us to understand your thoughts within the comments below.

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