Battlegrounds Mobile India: New Features and More Details

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Shortly after the Government of India banned PUBG Mobile from the nation this past year, Krafton Inc., the firm behind the sport, cut ties with Tencent and began teasing a return into the newest Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Everything You Need to Know

We know that PUBG Mobile will relaunch from the nation using the newest Battlegrounds Mobile India moniker. And Krafton is astonishingly stringent about not calling it PUBG Mobile India (maybe, to prevent another prohibit??). Of course, as of the writing, we don’t own lots of information regarding the sport, but according to social networking articles, the famed foliage-laden Sanhok map will probably be available from the sport.

We’ll continuously update this article as more details come out, so wait to get additional information about your favorite battle royale game. You may extend the table below and jump into the subjects of your choice quickly.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Supported Devices

The first PUBG Mobile name was compatible with a host of smartphones, along with the company launched PUBG Mobile Lite for funding smartphones. But, we have confirmation of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s launching on Android smartphones at the moment. There’s not any word on its compatibility with non or funding telephones. However, odds are you are going to have the ability to set up Battlegrounds Mobile India on low-end apparatus, too, even though your experience playing with it might not be that pleasant. Nevertheless, we could expect to get a”Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite” version later on, although Krafton hasn’t signaled any such programs up to now.

So far as iPhone consumers are involved, you’ll need to wait sometime before Battlegrounds Mobile India becomes accessible on the iOS App Store. We’re almost sure there’ll be no more pre-registration for iPhone consumers, but the match will be made on the App Store at launch or shortly after.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: System Requirements

While Krafton has not formally declared the minimal system requirements for enjoying Battlegrounds Mobile India, we could make an educated guess based on program requirements for PUBG Mobile. Here is what you will probably have to conduct this new sport on your smartphones.


  • Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or Greater
  • 2GB RAM minimal
  • 16GB storage area


  • iOS 9.0 or over

The system requirements imply that pretty much anybody should be able to run the game on their telephones. Evidently, for effortless performance, you need to have more RAM and a much better chip. We’ll update this section with the most recent information when the game goes live.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Pre-Registration Date and Download Links

As stated before, there’s no pre-registration about the roadmap to get iOS apparatus. Therefore, if you’re an iPhone user, you do not have any other choice but to wait. Or, even for those who have access to an Android phone, ensure that you pre-register there.

How to Pre-Register for Battlegrounds Mobile India?

1. Head to the connected pre-registration connection: Google Play Store

2. After that, be sure that you pick the”Install when available” in order the match is automatically downloaded onto your phone on launching day. That is it.

Pre-registration also brings with it a unique treat for lovers of this sport. Anyone who pre-registers to get Battlegrounds Mobile India will probably benefit from their interest and excitement about the sport.

You do not need to do anything aside from pre-register for the sport to receive your rewards. The rewards will be available to maintain if the game goes live and you begin playing with it.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date

Now, it is time to discuss the launch date; This indicates that you’ve been scouring the web for any suggestions about the game’s launch date.

Well, regrettably, Krafton is still to announce any official dates to the game’s actual launch. It is possible to pre-register for the sport right now. Nevertheless, we anticipate the sport to start near the end of the month or sometime in June, at the latest. In reality, one fan theory (according to a current social networking article attached below) indicates that the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date will be June 10. Keep reading to understand why.

The concept is wild and sounds farfetched, but it indicates that the current social networking post looks much like an eclipse, and June 10 is whenever there’s an annular solar eclipse. So. you understand? Anyhow, as I said, it is crazy, but it could just be accurate.

How to Download Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India will go into pre-registration, as stated in the last section. When the match is live, you’ll have the ability to download Battlegrounds Mobile India in the Play Store and the iOS App Store. What’s more, the official site will likely have direct download links to your APK record of this game too.

Notice: There are no APKs for the sport available only yet, so ensure that you don’t fall for scammers dispersing fake APKs to the upcoming game.

Additionally, many of you have to be wondering what the download size of Battlegrounds Mobile India (or even PUBG Mobile India) is on Android? How many GB of information will you want to get into the game? The match’s download size will probably be approximately 600MB. That usually means that the game’s download size is tiny and readily downloadable on 1GB daily information limits for enthusiastic PUBG lovers in India. It only contains the core elements, and you’ll have to download HD texture packs, packs, and other in-game products.

Battlegrounds Mobile India vs PUBG Mobile: What’s Different?


As a lover of PUBG Mobile, I’m interested in seeing what effects Battlegrounds Mobile India brings together to make sure that it doesn’t get banned in India once more. We expect a few changes depending on the government’s first complaints against PUBG Mobile, which led to its ban before last year. Including:

  • Data and information about the player are kept within India rather than on Chinese servers.
  • Players will spawn completely straightened on the spawn island, which has been among the government’s significant complaints with the first game.
  • Probably, violence and bloodshed from the sport won’t be that realistic-looking anymore.

Aside from these changes, there are various additional differences between PUBG Mobile India and Battlegrounds Mobile India, which are worth noting.

  • Players under 18 decades old will no longer have the ability to play for more than 3 hours every day.
  • Additionally, underage players will probably be restricted to paying Rupees 7,000 daily in-game. That feels like a fairly chunky amount for me, but considering just how much kids have spent PUBG Mobile in years past, it is excellent that there is no less than a spending limitation today.
  • Underaged players are also asked to submit a parent/guardian’s telephone number for confirmation.

Krafton will partner with neighborhood gambling entities to construct it out, hoping to watch Indian gamers back in the aggressive eSports scene using Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Expectations

Though Krafton has done a fantastic job teasing the sport, it has not talked much about in-game characteristics and changes that we may expect from Battlegrounds Mobile India. That, however, doesn’t follow that we do not have some expectations from the match. Here is what I hope to see in the upcoming revival of a few of my favorite smartphone games.

Game Modes

All of us enjoyed playing the timeless battle royale style in PUBG Mobile together with all our squads, but it had been as much pleasure to fly choppers and utilize RPGs at Payload. Team Deathmatch and Domination modes were also fantastic pleasure, and therefore were matters such as War Mode. I hope that Battlegrounds Mobile India will bring together all those game modes too. Even if we can not receive all those manners at the start, let us hope we get a TDM mode together with the timeless mode.



Erangel might have become the most-played map from PUBG Mobile players. Still, there is no denying that the frosty Winterland of Vikendi (that has been eliminated, regrettably ) and the vast slopes of Miramar were equally entertaining. What I am saying is that I’m hoping for a lot of different maps available inside the sport. As stated previously, Sanhok appears to be verified, but there is no telling what additional maps will be accessible inside the sport. Hopefully, things won’t be too different from the worldwide variant of PUBG Mobile.

Account Sync

It is no secret that I spent a great deal of time enjoying PUBG Mobile back daily. Heck, I purchased the Royale Pass on a few occasions to receive my hands on several costumes and automobile skins. I am convinced most PUBG Mobile lovers in India spent considerable time inside the sport grinding to get their coats and unlocking weapon attachments for Arena manners. It’d be a pity if Krafton didn’t take forward our in-game advancement from PUBG Mobile into Battlegrounds Mobile India. The rumor mill is split with this particular subject of accounts sync. It’s presently unknown if you’ll have the ability to use your previous accounts with existing skins and clothes or might need to begin your travels from scratch.

On no account a certainty, your advancement from PUBG Mobile will soon be accessible Battlegrounds Mobile India, but I expect it’ll be.

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