Google Maps New Indoor AR Navigation, New Directions UI

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After finally adding a dark mode to Google Maps on automaton, Google has proclaimed a bunch of recent options for its navigation platform these days. These embody support for AR Live read in indoor locations, a lot of eco-friendly routes for traveling, and integration of pickup and delivery info for grocery stores.

The Mountain read large proclaimed the options via an officer weblog post. within the post, the corporate mentioned that it’s operating to enhance Google Maps by victimization AI and can be delivering many new updates this year.

Google Maps: New options

AR-Based Indoor Live View


Coming to the new options, we tend to currently have Indoor Live read on Maps. So, if you are doing not recognize what Live read is, it’s Google’s AR-based feature for Maps that overlays navigation directions onto the $64000 world to assist users higher to perceive their current position and their destinations. As of now, the feature worked just for out of doors locations. However, the corporate has currently supplementary Live read support for many indoor locations like airports, malls, and lots of different public places.

Now, to form it work for indoor locations, Google says that it had to “develop a wholly new technology” dubbed world localization. the corporate uses AI to scan “tens of billions of street read pictures and maps them up with pictures on your phone to spot wherever you’re.” This way, Maps will primarily perceive “the precise altitude or placement of associate degree object during a building.”

So, the Live read feature for indoor locations will assist you to realize the closest elevators, restrooms, escalators, ATMs, arrival counters, and price-tag offices in malls and airports.

This feature is presently on the market for a few Westfield malls in U.S.A. cities like l. a., metropolis, island, and San Jose. it’ll begin rolling for transit stations, malls, and airports in the national capital and city within the returning months. Later, the corporate says that it’ll be on the market for a lot of cities around the world.

Eco-Friendly Routes

Apart from Indoor Live read, Google conjointly supplementary a feature that may currently show a lot of eco-friendly routes for destinations if they need similar ETAs because the quickest potential routes. this can be a section of Google’s commitment towards the atmosphere and to encourage users to cut back carbon footprints within the world. it’ll be ab initio on the market within the U.S.A. with a “global expansion” on the queue.

New Google Maps Directions UI


Apart from these, the corporate is additionally overhauling its directions UI. As a result, Maps can show routes for all transportation modes on one page rather than showing them on separate tabs. Moreover, the app can show further info layers like Weather and Air Quality of destinations to assist users higher arrange their itineraries.

Delivery and Pickup info

Google is additionally adding delivery and pickup info to Business Profiles on its mobile app. this may primarily show the delivery and pickup windows, fees, and minimum order tag for grocery stores around the U.S.A.

So, these are a number of the new options returning to Google Maps within the new few days. the corporate conjointly aims to bring over one hundred AI-based enhancements to the platform by the tip of 2021.

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