How to Delete Your Facebook Account

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Facebook definitely doesn’t have an honest record once it involves protecting the privacy of its users. it’s been victim to varied privacy scandals, as well as the disreputable Cambridge Analytica incident from 2018 and also the 2021 Facebook knowledge breach that compromised the info of over 533 million Facebook users. If Facebook’s latest security lapse has sent you into a panic, and you’re wanting to for good delete your account, you’ve come back to the proper place. Here’s however you’ll delete your Facebook account on the net, Android, and iOS. we are going to conjointly show you the way to urge obviate all of your Facebook knowledge, thus buckle up and findable to leave behind your Facebook days.

Steps to Delete Facebook Account (2021)

Steps to Undertake Before Account Deletion


  • Back up and transfer knowledge

The first step before you delete your account is to form a backup of all of your Facebook knowledge and transfer it to your pc or mobile device. it’ll allow you to hold on to precious standing updates, photos, videos, messages, friends lists, and everything else you probably did on Facebook. thus think about it as a memory bank for your social media life.

  1. To transfer your Facebook knowledge, you wish to navigate to Settings -> Your Facebook info and select the ‘Download Your Information’ choice.
  2. On subsequent page, click on ‘Create File’ to come up with the backup. you’ll select the info you would like to transfer, the format (HTML or JSON), and also the image quality on this page. If you don’t wish to avoid wasting your Facebook diversion profile or cluster interactions, you’ll do this.
  • Disconnect Third-Party Apps

The next most significant step is to disconnect third-party apps that you used Facebook to sign on to. It plays right into the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica knowledge scandal from 2018. Reports counsel that third-party apps may additionally be compromised, thus it’s safe to disconnect them from Facebook and update their login credentials.

  1. To disconnect third-party apps, you wish to navigate to ‘Settings -> Apps & websites’ to ascertain the list of apps and websites wherever you log in with Facebook. select the apps you would like to disconnect and click on the ‘Remove’ button.
  2. once the confirmation prompt seems, click on ‘Remove’ once more. At this time, you must understand that your knowledge in those apps would possibly get reset, thus you may wish to sign on with AN email address for those apps and link your knowledge. you’ll conjointly prefer to send notifications to those apps for fitting AN alternate login methodology.

Delete Account on the net

  1. Navigate to Facebook, click the drop-down arrow at the highest right corner and choose ‘Settings & Privacy -> Settings’ from the list of accessible choices.
  2. below Settings, choose ‘Your Facebook Information’ from the left sidebar menu.
  3. you may currently see the ‘Deactivation and Deletion’ choice. Click on the ‘View’ button next thereto to proceed more.
  4. you’ll currently prefer to quickly deactivate or for good delete your Facebook account. select ‘Delete Account’ and click on ‘Continue to Account Deletion’.
  5. Facebook can provoke your word and inform you that you simply square measure about to delete your account for good. You won’t be ready to recover it once the deletion method has begun. Enter the word and click on ‘Continue’ to finish the method. Congrats, you have got deleted your account!
  6. Finally, we might suggest you clear the browser cache and history to mechanically exit all internet apps joined to your Facebook account.

Delete Account on Android

The process to delete your Facebook account on mobile in 2021 is kind of identity to that on the net, however, you wish to navigate through a handful of recent menus. Follow the steps below to delete your account through the Facebook app on Android:

Note: we tend to tested out this account deletion method within the Facebook app, version 314., on the pel three XL running Android twelve developer beta two.

  1. within the Facebook app, switch to the hamburger menu at the proper and scroll down till you discover ‘Settings’ below the ‘Settings & Privacy section.
  2. currently, scroll down and faucet the ‘Account possession and Control’ choice below the ‘Your Facebook Information’ section.
  3. Here, the faucet on the ‘Deactivation and Deletion’ choice.4. you’ll prefer to deactivate or delete your Facebook account from the app here. select ‘Delete Account’ and faucet on ‘Continue to Account Deletion.’
  4. you’ll prefer to deactivate or delete your Facebook account from the app here. select ‘Delete Account’ and faucet on ‘Continue to Account Deletion.’
  5. Finally, select a reason to go away Facebook so faucet on ‘Continue to Account Deletion’ to quit the social media platform permanently.

Delete Account on iPhone

Apart from some visual variations in button placements, the account deletion method is that the same as Facebook for Android. However, you’ll follow the steps below to avoid confusion and delete your Facebook account on iPhone:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone and the faucet on the hamburger menu. Here, you’ll realize ‘Settings’ below the ‘Settings & Privacy menu.
  2. Scroll down till you discover the ‘Account possession and Control’ choice below the ‘Your Facebook Information’ section.
  3. Now, faucet on the ‘Deactivation and Deletion’ choice.
  4. choose the ‘Delete Account’ choice and faucet on ‘Continue to account deletion’ to proceed more.
  5. decide a reason to delete your Facebook account or faucet on ‘Continue to Account Deletion’ to free yourself from Facebook. If you probably did not make a copy of your knowledge nevertheless, the app prompts you to try to do this before moving forward.

And voila, you have got currently learned a way to delete your Facebook account via the website and Android and iOS apps.

Delete Facebook Account in simple Steps


The on top of steps can initiate the account deletion method, however, your profile won’t be aloof from the platform instantly. you’ll cancel your request to delete the Facebook account at intervals of thirty days. Further, Facebook claims that it takes up to ninety days for all the data in your profile to be deleted from the company’s servers.

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