How to Turn on Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch

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Times after I wish to be at complete peace with myself; particularly throughout leisure times or emotional meditation, the terribly very first thing that I do to stay unwanted interruptions away is to show on don’t Disturb on Apple Watch. Once DND is activated, each sound and tap area unit is disabled on the smartwatch so that you are doing not get distracted by the incoming alerts. If you’re curious to understand however this convenient feature works, let Maine assist you to modify and customize don’t Disturb on your Apple Watch.

Set Up and customize don’t Disturb on your Apple Watch

You can invoke don’t Disturb right from your Apple Watch while not having to deem your paired iPhone. Moreover, you’ll conjointly like better to modify DND for one hour, until evening or perhaps keep it turned on till you permit a selected place, that can be spot-on for the days wherever you’re during a meeting or enjoying a flick along with your idolized ones.

Besides, watchOS permits you to form your smartwatch mirror the don’t Disturb the setting of your iPhone or vice-versa. So, looking at your desires, you’ll ideally customize the DND on your iPhone (Settings app -> don’t Disturb) and create the wearable device follow the custom setting.

For instance, you’ll permit calls solely from favorites and conjointly disable continual calls throughout DND hours and have the smartwatch follow a constant setting. What’s a lot of, if you hate to be disturbed throughout your rigorous workouts, there’s Associate in Nursing choice to modify “Workout don’t Disturb” on Apple Watch similarly. Keeping these notable things in mind, let’s start with fast steps!

Turn on don’t Disturb on Apple Watch


  1. First off, press the Digital Crown to access the watch face.
  2. Now, swipe up from an all-time low of the watch face to the access center.
  3. Next, tap on the doesn’t Disturb button.
  4. Next up, you have got four choices to decide on from:
  • On: choose it to modify don’t Disturb on your Apple Watch.
  • On for one hour: select it to show on DND on your watchOS device for one hour.
  • On till tonight: modify DND and keep it turned on until this evening.
  • On till I leave: activate DND on your smartwatch and keep it activated till you permit the actual place.
Choose the required choice to activate don’t Disturb on your Apple smartwatch and leave the center.

Enable don’t Disturb on Apple Watch mistreatment Watch App from iPhone


  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Now, tap on the My Watch tab at the all-time low left corner of the screen.
  3. Next, tap on the General.
  4. Next up, select don’t Disturb.
  5. Next up, activate the switch right next to Mirror iPhone.


It’s value remarking that you just may modify don’t Disturb after you begin a travail by turning on the switch for travail don’t Disturb.

Once enabled, Apple Watch can mechanically modify don’t Disturb after you begin a travail and disable it once your travail ends.

Use don’t Disturb on Apple Watch

So, that’s just about it! currently that you just savvy to invoke and customize don’t Disturb on your Apple Watch, create the foremost of it to stay distractions cornered. As this feature has existed on watchOS since its origination, you’ll modify it on any generation of Apple Watch.

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Have you any queries or feedback associated with this convenient feature? If affirmative, make certain to shoot it within the comments section below.

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