How to Use WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

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WhatsApp recently teased multi-device support and also has currently begun turning out this much-requested attribute to beta testers. With multi-device assistance, you can use the same WhatsApp account through multiple tools without maintaining your phone attached to the internet. If utilizing WhatsApp from all your gadgets independently is something you are interested in, read on till completion to know everything about WhatsApp’s multi-device function. We will learn how to check if you have accessibility to multi-device beta and how to enable and utilize WhatsApp on multiple devices.

Use WhatsApp on Multiple Devices (2021 )

When writing this write-up, WhatsApp is progressively presenting multi-device beta support on Android and iOS gadgets. Even if you use a beta development, you might not necessarily see the feature considering it is a limited rollout. With that said stated, let’s see just how you can check if your WhatsApp account supports multi-device features and how you can enable it now.

What Is Multi-Device Support on WhatsApp and also How it Works?


WhatsApp’s multi-device attribute allows you to utilize your WhatsApp account on your phone and as many as four various other gadgets. These tools consist of WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop for Windows, WhatsApp Desktop for Mac, and Facebook Portal. The best component here is that you will still utilize WhatsApp on these gadgets even if your phone loses the web connection. Unfortunately, you can not use the same WhatsApp account (or contact number) on two phones just yet.

Before we get to the actions for using one WhatsApp account on different gadgets, it’s vital to understand precisely how multi-device assistance works to resolve privacy issues. After all, one shouldn’t jeopardize privacy for ease, especially in a private messaging app, right?

WhatsApp uses your phone’s app as the primary tool in its existing state, and all other platforms such as WhatsApp Web or Windows/ Mac apps rely on this connection to operate. That is precisely why you constantly need to maintain your phone connected to the web while using WhatsApp Web or Desktop.

To eliminate the limitation of calling for an active phone, WhatsApp has overhauled its underlying architecture of exactly how its messaging app works. According to the company, it now uses a client-fanout technique where each gadget has its identification secret. Plus, WhatsApp produces a pairwise encrypted session where the customer encrypts the messages and transfers them to all the linked tools of the individual.

WhatsApp says that each message is separately secured using the well-known pairwise security session with each tool, and statements are not kept on the server after they are provided. The firm uses a scalable sender vital file encryption scheme from the Signal Protocol for group conversations.

How to Enroll in WhatsApp Multi-Device Beta

Presently, you will need a WhatsApp beta developed to examine the multi-device function, and the beta program is complete on both Android and iOS. So if you are currently registered in WhatsApp’s beta program, below’s how to register for WhatsApp multi-device beta testing:

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  1. Open up WhatsApp and touch on the vertical three dots food selection on the top right corner. From the listing of options that pop up, tap on “Linked tools.”
  2. If your WhatsApp account has obtained multi-device support, you will see a new “Multi-device beta” choice right here. Faucet on it and press “Join beta” to sign up with WhatsApp’s multi-device beta program.
  3. WhatsApp will now caution you that you will have to link your friend tools once more. Tap “Continue” to confirm your activity, and well, you have effectively signed up with the multi-device beta. If you transform your mind, you can always go back to the “Linked tools” setups page as well as leave the multi-device beta program.

Usage Same WhatsApp Account on Multiple Devices

Since you have enrolled in multi-device beta, it’s time to link your devices. To do that, comply with the actions listed below:

  1. Open the “Linked gadgets” screen in WhatsApp on your phone and also open the WhatsApp Web or Desktop app on your PC. As soon as the QR code appears, faucet on “Link a gadget” on your phone and check the QR code on your COMPUTER or Facebook portal gadget.
  2. Similarly, you can link up to 4 devices at the same time. Here, I have linked three browsers and the WhatsApp Desktop app for Windows with my account, as you can check in the photo below. Do keep in mind that these connected devices will certainly obtain separated if you don’t use your phone for over 14 days.
  3. If you no more wish to utilize WhatsApp on a specific tool, you can tap on the target gadget from the Linked gadgets page and also choose the “Log out” option. Alternatively, you can pick to log out from the tool concerned as well.

WhatsApp Multi-Device Beta: First Impressions

Based upon my quick testing, WhatsApp’s multi-device feature functioned faultlessly across all of my linked gadgets. I can send out messages, emojis, GIFs, and voice notes and make voice and video phone calls without connecting my phone to the internet. The most effective component? All the linked devices flawlessly synced the chat history without obvious hold-up.

If I needed to nitpick, one minor aggravation I encountered while using WhatsApp on multiple devices is that I could not access my starred sticker labels. As a person that excessively utilizes third-party sticker labels not available in the WhatsApp store, I was dissatisfied to recognize that multi-device beta does not sync my starred stickers. However, there’s one workaround– you might scroll through your conversation background as well as onward those stickers as a brand-new message. You will then see them in the recent sticker labels area and also send them later. Not entirely convenient, but it functions.

Mentioning chat background, you can’t check out the whole conversation history throughout connected devices. I might view as many as three months of old discussions. Scrolling past shows a caution, asking to check WhatsApp on my phone to check out the complete chat history.

Another limitation is that you can’t pin chats on WhatsApp Web or Desktop if you use multi-device beta. That could be a significant aggravation for customers that use pinned chats to interact with their group quickly, conserve notes, send photos across tools, or various other use-cases. Besides these, I would state WhatsApp’s growth team has done phenomenal work with the multi-device attribute.

Possible Privacy Concern with WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature

Now that WhatsApp Web and Desktop apps have multi-device support, I prompt you to re-enable that “WhatsApp Web is currently active” notice if you had formerly impaired it. I recognize that having persistent information could feel distracting to some; however, WhatsApp Web has become somewhat qualified after the rollout of multi-device support. You might not right away observe if someone is mistreating your account unless you regularly check the “Linked Devices” page.

I attempted sending some messages from WhatsApp Web and quickly deleted them, making use of the “Delete for me” option. Given that the sync functions so well, it doesn’t leave a trace on your phone, and also unsuspecting customers may not even instantly realize that their WhatsApp obtained jeopardized. The extent of this taking place is restricted, though. The harmful actor requires physical access to your phone, in addition to your PIN or fingerprint, to be able to register a tool and also start a brand-new multi-device session.

WhatsApp Multi-Device Limitations

Having claimed all that, here are the well-known constraints of WhatsApp’s multi-device beta, as detailed by WhatsApp:

  • Inspecting Live place on connected gadgets.
  • Pinning chats on WhatsApp Web or Desktop.
  • Joining, checking out, as well as resetting team invites from WhatsApp Web and also Desktop.
  • Speaking to somebody with an obsolete WhatsApp version.
  • Calling from Portal or WhatsApp Desktop to connected gadgets that aren’t enlisted in the multi-device beta.
  • Various other WhatsApp accounts on your Portal will not function unless those accounts have signed up with the multi-device beta.
  • WhatsApp Business users can’t modify service names or tags from WhatsApp Web or Desktop.

WhatsApp on Multi-Devices Support Explained

So, that’s whatever you require to learn about making use of WhatsApp on several devices. We hope this removed all your uncertainties regarding WhatsApp’s multi-device assistance.

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