Intel i7 VS AMD Ryzen 7 laptops

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In this blog, we’ll be comparing intel core i7 laptops VS AMD Ryzen 7 laptops. i7 laptops and I was also very curious to see the real-world performance difference so yes we’ll be showing you some benchmark results.

also but I conducted some real-world performance tests for example. this is a horizon book that comes with the latest intel core i7 that’s the 10th generation processor.


This is the latest from intel. this one has the new Ryzen 4700u processor. so again both are ultra-books and this is the best you can get from intel in ultra-book and this is sort of the best you can get from. and so we were also very curious what’s the difference between this intel processor.

That’s the intel core i7 versus and 4700u I also wanted to compare it with the and 4500 u  I don’t have a laptop but a good friend of mine actually has a Lenovo 4500u laptop so asked him to run some benchmark test so we’ll include that in the latter part of the blog.

and let’s see the results and guys again we won’t get into that regarding the configuration of this my laptop.

we’ve already done it’s a review.

we would say this one has the undue advantage the ssd is faster on this one can go read speeds can go as high.

as about three gigabytes and this also has a dedicated NVidia MX 350 GPU whereas this ASUS Vivo book does not have any external GPU and the ssd is.


also slightly slower at about 1.6 to 1.7 gigabytes but again these are specs let’s look at the results and see which one is faster in real-world so guys here if you have the laptop that has the core i7 from intel.

and this is the ASUS  that has the Ryzen 4700u and we are doing some real-world tests we have a 5gb video file on both of them it’s a 4k file.

that I shot with the guff 5 and I’m going to run handbrake and as you can see we’re going to do this test on the battery and I’ve kept it on best performance on both of them so let’s do that and I’m going to run handbrake and convert both these files to 1080p and we’ll see actually which one does better.

I have both the 4k files and we are going to convert it to the fast 1080p 30 and see which one does it faster so I’ve hit and let’s see the typing and in this test actually which one does faster is better.

and both are started so let’s see which one does better this is a real test and we’ll also do one more and I’ll let you know which one did faster.

and this one the Ryzen one. It is almost 95 percent do it says just 18 seconds more and this one is still just on 44 so way slower I would say and this should be done any minute now the Ryzen one.

The horizon 99% and 99.9 done so it finished in seven minutes 35 seconds and.

this is continuing so we’ll wait so we just crossed 16 minutes on this intel core I  laptop and now it’s about 98 percent so definitely and if you recall this one.

Took just about seven minutes 35 seconds so more than double I would say now it’s 99.3 so this should be done anytime now this will just go off the green and just finish 16 minutes 35 seconds now doing one more real-world test this is.

the cine bench r20 zip file that’s a 222 MB zip file and we’re going to do the same thing we’re going to extract both of them and see which one is doing faster because we do zip-out files pretty often on computers.

so let’s test that extract and I’m just going to press the same over here extract both eyes and.

let’s start and again let’s see which one is doing faster this is real-world stuff that we are doing and here both are close to each other again it’s not a very big file guys 222 MB file and we’re going to run the r20 benchmarks.

also but just wanted to give you an idea here surprisingly looks like the intel is going to know almost this has caught up now finally so neck to neck in this test but let’s see which one is doing faster.

Both are very close this one has an edge this has a faster ssd but anyways let’s see how this is going to be very close looks finished first on this one after that two seconds this one so here in the decompression test.

next point in Intel i7 VS AMD Ryzen 7 is the core i7 went ahead by just about two seconds now let’s do one more thing let’s run the cine bench r20 on both of them again we are running on battery power guys and let’s see which one is better.

This is the r20 test that we are doing r15  we have already done that so we are just going to run through this what do you say CPU score on both I’ve just reset and I’m going to run on both of them.


and see again I’ve clicked that so let’s click start and hopefully it should start about 1 minute 30 seconds and looks like definitely the Ryzen 7 is handling it better of course because this has physical eight cores this one has four cores.

so yeah definitely the Ryzen will finish it way faster and of course it will get a higher CPU score so as you can see I’m just showing you the timings guys so that you can also replicate finished about 1 minute 55 seconds got a score of 2728 so finally.

this is almost going to get finished as you can see it’s 4 45 hopefully it finishes in that still going about 450.

I think so yeah just finished you could say 47 but look at the scores that have got a CPU score of 1031and this got a score of 2728 so way faster I would say and we can see also in the time.

this finished that benchmark in about one minute 55 seconds this almost took about four minutes 46 seconds so as you can see in the ross CPU the new Ryzen what do you say 4700u is way faster.

one more practical test and this is advance resolve video editing software I’ve installed on both the machines this is the Core i7and this is the Ryzen 7 and this is the same 4k video clip that we had so I have the 4k in the timeline.

and I’ve just added this text layer throughout the video-core i7 on this one and Ryzen 7 and now we’ll render this and see which one is doing a better job in video exporting and I’m just going to hit start render on both of these starts.

and we have started so I’m going to set this also and this will be an interesting test technically my laptop with the Core i7 has the dedicated NVidia mx350 GPU whereas the Ryzen 7 does not have any external or dedicated GPU.


it’s just using the internal Vega graphics but it’ll be interesting this test to see which one does faster in terms of video editing these are the stuff that we you’ll use for regular stuff so just wanted to give you an idea about video rendering.

it’s just been five minutes since we started this rendering job and for this intel core i7, it has rendered one minute 48 seconds worth of video

but here as you can see this has rendered already.

two minutes 57 seconds worth of video and here it says it has completed 43 of the rendering year 25 so again significant lead to the Ryzen 7 as of now let’s see how much time does it take to complete.

so it’s been 10 minutes 20 seconds and here this has completed. The Ryzen one 98 percent and this is still at 54 this still says 10 more minutes and.

this is going to be almost done. now two seconds so this is done. so this finished in 12 minutes 37 seconds this is completed the job. as you can see it’s finished this still is about 10 minutes left so this is still at 56.

so as you can see considerably slower even in real-world video rendering results so it’s 22 minutes and this is at 99 percent should be finished anytime now.

this is just finished 22 minutes 20 seconds and one thing I noticed the fan was blowing quite a bit and this has become quite hot also.

so let’s look at the temperature as you can see near the keyboard it’s almost 44.

it went 43.9 so yes this is getting considerably a lot warmer also the Ryzen 7 did not get that hot and again that is due to also when now those I think so the battery life is falling in this way.


That’s why it’s going to the battery saver mode but let’s look at the battery level on this one now it is just going down I guess now it’s just a 19 battery whereas this one is still at about 58 percent.

So again in terms of battery life also I feel because this was struggling quite a bit this is consuming a lot more in real life I would say the Ryzen 7 should give you anywhere about one and a half to two hours of extra battery life compared to this one so we got some very interesting results.

In fact, in all the tests,  the Ryzen 7 beat out this intel laptop.

and I was a surprise also in terms of battery life the Ryzen 7 performed better.

and as I’ve told you I asked one of my friends who has the Ryzen 5 4500u to also run some of the tests so I have the score.

So as you can see from the screen chart lower the value is better that means we can complete the task faster of what you say that 4k video to 1080p in just seven minutes to 15 seconds and.


The intel one took 16 minutes 35 seconds so more than 100 percent longer which was very surprising but the big surprise to me personally was the Ryzen 5 it’s a six-core processor that completed the task in eight minutes 29 seconds.

next point in Intel i7 VS AMD Ryzen 7 is even the Ryzen 5 in that handbag test is faster than the intel core i7 laptop video editing for the Ryzen 7 in 12 minutes 33. 36 seconds whereas intel took almost 22 minutes so again almost about 90 percent time longer.

Now if we move to some other benchmark results here are the benchmark results that we saw and again as you can see even the Ryzen 5 which is very surprising to me beat out the intel core i7 in both the r15 and the r20 benchmark.

So when you’re doing some heavy tasks these new Ryzen processors the 4000 series the 4500u or even the 4700u perform very well and we saw in real-world results.

Also, they performed so well I was surprised yes.

I always thought that Ryzen 7 will beat out the intel core i7 but I was surprised that even the Ryzen 5 is sort of beating the intel core i7 laptop in heavy tasks.

So definitely I would say this year the new Ryzen processors are very fast and again intel also has some higher-end processors.

For example, the head series of the processors that are used in workstations are eight cores.

and all those things like that, for example, the regular core i7 max outside about four cores the advantage of the Ryzen 7 is that it has physical eight cores the Ryzen 5 had physical six cores.

Whereas this new intel h series of processors do have those scores I’ll try to test it out but and also has those high-performance head series processors.


So again stay tuned for that but again if you’re looking for a normal-sized what do you say u series laptops that generally. we get in the price range of 40 to 80 000 I do feel as of now the new Ryzen 5.

or even the Ryzen 7  specifically the 4500u and the 45. 4700u do perform significantly better than the inter-core i7.

hope you like Intel i7 VS AMD Ryzen 7.

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