Six layers of Google security of Google data center!

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How Google Secure its user data by taking an inside look. 6 Layers of Google Security. So, let’s start.

Six layers of Google Security

  • Security layer 1 refers to the property boundaries; also it includes signage and fencing.
  • Security layer two is also known as the security perimeter. It consists of the main gate layer two have too much Security. ranging team smart fencing to overlapping cameras also 24/7 guard patrols, and more.

When you arrive there, their cameras detect you are in there. There are guards in vehicles, some guards on foot, and vehicle crash barriers specifically designed to stop a fully loaded truck. The fencing is an anti-climb fence; it is made of fibre. If someone touches the border, then guards arrive at that place. There are also thermal cameras and standard cameras to see video footage in right just as clearly as we can during the day.

  • Layer 3 is building access. The access is only through the worker’s card; then, you have to do an iris scan. Only one person can go inside the data centre time at a time.


  • Layer 4 includes the security operations centre, a hive of activity monitoring the data centre 24/7, 365 days.

A year, the doors, cameras, the badge leaders, the iris scan is connected here. It is also known as the brain of the Security system.

  • Layer 5 The data centre floor is less than 1%. Of Googlers ever Get to set foot in here. Only technicians and engineers are allowed there to upgrade and repair the Equipment.
  •  Layer 6, where disks are erased and destroyed, and the fewest people are allowed to enter. The only technician is allowed in this room.

Getting out of a data centre is arguable even harder than getting in, as everybody has to go through complete metal detection each time they leave the data centre floor.

So, guys, we hope you like the six security layers of Google cloud.

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