Sony Matte Black Red Dualsense Controller

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Ever since the PlayStation 5 design show, I wondered how stunning the console, along with the brand new DualSense controller, will appear in black. Currently, Sony is now taking one step nearer to that vision using two new colors to the most recent PS5 controllers.

Sony has announced that the DualSense control for your PlayStation 5 will probably be available in two new colors: Matte Dark and Black Red — and I kid you not, that they seem incredible.


The Matte Black is essentially matte black is that the stuff my dreams are made from. It is all black, so it looks magnificent, and so is making me wonder if I made a fantastic decision call by not purchasing the PS5 as it had been available for a bit of window in India. It is a gorgeous red shade that will seem unique also.

The company has not announced when we will have the ability to purchase these controllers, aside from hinting at international accessibility sometimes a month. The company also included that precise accessibility dates will vary by place, so there is absolutely no telling if the controls will make their way into India.

The DualSense controls are most likely the best case of next-gen gambling I’ve seen in the PlayStation 5 so far. They bring innovative features like elastic immersive and triggers haptic feedback. Their slightly heftier build makes for a far more comfortable gamepad than the PS4 DualShock controls I have been using for ages.

Hopefully, the new colors will be accessible in India shortly. Therefore, if you are itching to get your hands on those new colors, stay tuned because we’ll be posting more updates whenever they are out.

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