The Dark Reality of Smartphone Companies

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Everyone likes to buy a new and best smartphone with the best Smartphone Companies. Also, every person is a fan of a particular brand. You should know about Smartphone Companies. But do you know the Dark Reality of Smartphone Companies?

All companies are making us fool with their smartphone; they are launching new phones with new designs and old Motherboards and rename them! So in this blog, we will reveal all the dark secrets of smartphone companies. So let’s start—many people like the camera in their mobile phones to capture photos and upload them to social media. Honestly, we say only 60% of companies are working on their camera, and 40% of companies make us fool by rebranding and renaming a particular phone—the evolution of the camera is full of curiosity and interest. Before 20 years ago, there is only one camera with a torch, then two cameras, then three cameras nowadays, four cameras.

Believe me or not, but in the future, the Backside of the phone is full of cameras; around 80-90 cameras will be fitted on the Back Side of the phone. Many uneducated users got impressed by cameras, but well-known Users know their reality. Then 48 MP camera and 64 MP camera, we are not saying this too bad. We are just telling the truth. What miracle can a 48MP camera does, and what miracle 64MP can a camera do. An Ordinary company launches an ordinary phone, and in the launch event, they compare their phone with the iPhone. How can they do this?


Ram, 6 GB is sufficient; 8 GB is ok but 12GB or 16GB! What do they want to do with our phones? Are they want to run a supercomputer with our phone? Even an Ordinary Laptop has 8GB ram. And on mobile, they are installıng 16GB! Every processor is good, but they compare one particular processor with another. Why this comparison? You will get only a one or 2-millisecond difference between 2 processors. Now the point is displayed. I’m not saying a 120Hz display is good against a 60Hz display, but a higher refresh rate is necessary. If a company makes a phone called XYZ, and it is not selling too much, the company adds xyz+123 and changes its design to increase the selling. 1% up 2% down and launch for sell and make innocent people fool.


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