What is Internet? Everything About Internet.

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What is Internet? Internet services, first let me introduce you to the Internet.

The Internet is one of the best technologies gifted to mankind it has brought the entire world closer.

Internet stands for international networks, it is the largest computer network in the world connecting millions of computers.

A network is a group of two or more computer systems linked together to form a global network these computers are connected through telephone wires modern satellite links or other means.


Enabling them to share information amongst each other the invention of the Internet has transformed a living.

It has revolutionized the whole world and made computers the most effective communication tool.

Communication has given rapid growth to businesses worldwide.

Internet is a constantly evolving tool that not only contains a huge variety of information but also provides new ways of interacting and connecting with people.

The world wide web refers to a network of sites on the internet which contains information in the form of text, pictures, animation, and videos.

This information can be accessed by people all over the world.

To connect your computer with the internet you need a modem, a telephone line, and an internet connection.

Modem stands for modulator-demodulator, it is a device that allows a computer to send or receive information through telephone lines by converting digital data into an analog signal used on telephone lines.

The modulator converts the digital information of a computer to analog mode at the transmitting end and the modulator further converts back the analog signals to digital at receiving.

End models can be classified as internal modem the device that is already installed in the computer it is in the form of a card that is inserted into one of the slots on the mainboard.

An external modem is a modem that is installed outside the CPU, it is in the form of a box that is normally connected to the USB port of a computer.

This type of modem has indicator lights that display the status of modern the speed of a modem, it is measured in bps and kbps (kilobits per second).

Although a modem can have a maximum speed of 56 kbps if the telephone line quality is not good it will not be able to work with its maximum speed.

PC card modem is specifically designed for laptops and handheld computers it is similar to the size of a credit card and fits into the PC card slot on notebook and handheld computers.

So no cable is required other than the telephone line connection one can remove this modem when it is not needed except for its size PC card modem is like the combination of external and internal modems.

This card is powered by the computer students. Know that nowadays it is not essential to have telephone lines for setting the internet connection. It can be replaced by a wireless router which is connected to the modem.

The wireless route allows you to connect your internet connection with any wireless device such as a laptop, smartphone, or iPad within the home network.

It takes the information from the modem and delivers it to your computer.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) port is a small rectangular port on the CPU used to attach all kinds of devices such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, digital camera, modem, etc.

To the computer, it can be used to transfer data and can also act as a power supply for devices such as phones, cameras connected to it.

Telephone line, a telephone line is a medium that is used to connect the computer to an Internet service provider (ISP).

An Internet service provider (ISP) is a company that gives access to the Internet in exchange for a fee.

The browser will not be able to display pages unless the computer is connected to an ISP.

Example BSNL, sippy, Airtel, reliance, etc.

Internet connection, an internet connection is a service provided by an Internet service provider (ISP) in exchange for a fee you will not be able to access the internet unless you subscribe for a connection with an ISP.


Some of the most popular ISPs are BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Cellular Reliance, sippy, water phone.

Types of internet connection, now several types of internet connections exist that enable us to connect to the internet dial-up connection, dial-up connection requires, users, to link their phone, the line to a computer to access the Internet.

This particular type of connection does not allow users to make or receive phone calls through their home phone service while using the internet broadband connection.

As the term suggests this connection uses wide bandwidth which provides high-speed Internet, access through various transmission mediums.

It is significantly faster than a dial-up connection using broadband you can share videos, download, music, programs, or photos within no time, unlike a dial-up connection.

A broadband connection does not tie up your phone line so you are free to make and receive calls while online cable, TV connection this type of connection is provided through cable, TV lines it uses a cable modem which provides extremely fast access to the internet.

Satellite in areas where the broadband facility is not yet available, satellite connections are used this requires a satellite dish to be installed to connect to the satellite DSL (digital subscriber line) our DSL uses two-wire.

Copper telephone line, allows you to make calls even when you are connected to the Internet it is a form of broadband connection where you are required to pay a monthly fee to an ISP for accessing the internet wirelessly.

The wireless connection makes use of radiofrequency to connect to the internet and offers great speed it can be accessed from any location that comes under the network coverage area.

It requires a Wi-Fi modem to be connected to your computer mobile internet.

Mobile internet allows the user to access the internet over a smartphone using the network provided by the phone service provider this technology provides high-speed wireless Internet access.

The speed generally varies between 2G, 3G, and 4G hotspots.


Hotspots are sites that provide wireless Internet access over short distances approximately 20 meters, it uses Wi-Fi technology and allows the users to connect to the internet through radio waves.

Hotspots can be phone-based commercial or free to the public and can be found at places such as airports, universities, cafes, and hotels.

A web browser is a software application or program that allows you to access the entire information available on the web.

You can visit any website by entering its URL in the address bar of a web browser.

Browsers make it very easy to move from one website to another.

The popular services on the Internet, there are many facilities available on the internet which make our lives better some of the widely used internet services are video conferencing.

A video conference is a communication that involves exchanging audio and video at the same time between people sitting at geographically different locations the participants can view each other on their monitors as well as hear a voice-over speakers of their laptops or desktop computers.

It involves the use of a camera known as a webcam, as well as a microphone at the end of each participant to capture video and audio data in real-time.

Images and sounds are transmitted through the internet and delivered to other participants this technology is mainly used for virtual meetings among a group of people to discuss political business medical or social affairs.

Many times we see on the television that a program host is conducting interviews among several participants sitting in different cities and countries this is done through with your conferencing popular video conferencing applications.

Include Skype, Adobe Connect, etc.

Chatting, a chart of the text-based communication between one or more users in which messages exchanged back and port in real-time through chat software.

Chat, messages are generally shot just to enable other participants to respond quickly.

Chat is also known as online chat or internet chat. Chat not only allows you to exchange text messages but it also allows you to interact with other users through voice and video.

Chats, there are various types of chats available on the Internet, one can chat through instant messenger, a chatroom, a chat website, etc.

However, most of them require the user to get registered.

The first online chat system was called taco Matic created by da Brown and David our bully in 1973 on the plateau system at the University of Illinois internet recalls.

Another feature in the cap of the Internet is that it lets you make pre voice calls and video calls to anyone across the world

You can make pickles at much lower rates to anyone and anywhere in the world some software even allows you to send free messages and videos along with P internet calls.


The only condition is that the particular software or application should be installed in the devices at both ends after installing the software on a mobile or computer system.

Also see Evolution of 1G to 5G.

You need to create an account on it examples of such software or applications are the sky, wiper, fling, comm, tango, reptile, and Google Hangouts.

Email stands for electronic mail. It is a facility on the internet to compose stores send and receive messages to any part of the world the convenient simplicity and affordability of sending emails on the Internet have changed the correspondence system.

Email is the fastest way of sending mails where the postal address details like name, address, city, state, pin, country, etc. have been replaced by the email address.

The email address is given in the format in full code.

We can also attach photos videos or other important data along with our message some of the popular sites which provide the facility to send receive mails are,,, etc.

How to use email? To use the email facility on the Internet, we have to create a personal email account.

We have to select a username, email address, and provide a secret code password along with our particulars like name, address, date of birth, interest qualification, and such other aspects.

Some of the commonly used features are as follows composing and sending mail to write a mail to anyone we have to click on the compose option or any other similar option it will open a new window wherein we type the email address of the receiver, subject of the mail and the text in the body.

After composing an email click the send button on the toolbar. We can send the same mail to many persons by typing their email addresses separated by commas.

A strong password consists of at least eight characters that are a combination of letters in both uppercase and lowercase numbers and special symbols.

Netiquette, the word netiquette has been a drive from the combination of two words net, internet, and etiquette.

Good manners, netiquette can be defined as a set of rules that govern the acceptable online behavior of the user the common etiquette that should be followed while communicating.

Online are general netiquette respect others copyright policy do not copy the work of others without their permission as it leads to copyright violation, avoid sarcasm do not include sarcastic or insulting comments in your communication treat.

Others as you would like to be treated yourself respect others’ privacy do not read and share other information such as their email ids for numbers photographs, etc.


Without seeking his or her permission, no spam do not spread rumors and flood, the user’s inbox with unwanted advertisements or messages.

Digital pages called web pages may contain text, graphics, video, audio, and links to other pages of social networking, etiquette, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Are some popular social networking websites where your personal information is visible to all types of personalities that may be genuine or fake hence it becomes quite important.

To be extra careful while disclosing your personal information on these sites friend requests always check the user’s profile before responding to the friend’s request you never know which unknown person misuses your personal information to embarrass you.

Use privacy feature while using a social networking website and show that your personal information is not displayed publicly rather a particular set of people you require do have the access to your profile tune.

The privacy settings as per your requirement to avoid acceptable access to your profile status do not post pictures of others you should not applaud others photos on the social websites without their permission, comment wisely, never promote anything which is based or offends an individual or a community’s dignity report abuse always report to your elders or parents if someone harris’s or threatens you on the website.

Email netiquette email is considered the most common way of communication at the workplace hence it is very important to know the following guidelines.

while using the email subject line use a precise and brief subject line that carries the main idea and the motive behind the email.

Use proper salutation make sure your email includes our courteous greetings and closes with your name and signature concise message try to be precise and nonrepetitive.

While you draft an email the message should be to the point and must not deviate from the topic.

Check Spelling and grammar make sure your message does not contain any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors overlooking the basics of writing leaves a bad impression on the recipients.


Mine all caps lock never type your message in uppercase as it indicates yelling shouting and at the very least adding emphasis to the text you type autoresponders.

Autoresponders take temporary care of your emails while you are away from your computer.

It automatically conveys the message on your behalf and saves the time of the recipients who could not have called you repeatedly in your absence use of the BCC feature.

Make use of BCC messages while sending messages to multiple users to take a look before sending a message.

Always go through the email carefully before sending it.


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