Why Apple products are too expensive?

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In this technological world, many things update today, but why do Apple products continuously increase their cost price in this technological world? So, let’s discuss Why Apple products are too expensive?. So, let’s start.

Why are Apple products too expensive?

If we listen to the name of Apple, then we know that the iPhone, Ipad, MacBook are products of Apple, and they are too expensive also its mobile, laptop, and other devices are very expensive. We accept that Apple products are too costly. But, why? Is Apple wants more profit? Is Apple looting us? Or any other reason. The correct answer is NO.

We give too much money to this name or its logo.


Because Apple provides all premium things in its iPhone, Ipad, MacBook, also, it gives us the best performance, good display, excellent camera, sound design, long-lasting battery life, fantastic wireless headphone, with the best charger.

If a user buys an Apple product, then he will fall in love with other Apple products. He becomes his follower if we talk about Samsung that its phone is available in 7000Rs. And also available in 70000Rs. Here low-level customers can buy a phone; a high-level customer also can buy its phone.

But Apple products are only purchased by high-level customers. If we see its component, all were premium edition to provide the best performance, continuous life without a glitch. The main thing is Software The iOS for iPhone and macOS for books are premium made by Apple. If we talk about the marketing of Apple products, only in the Apple Store products are not visible in another store. Apple store at situated at an excellent place of the town. Thus, Apple products are too expensive.

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