TikTok Banned in India. The Main Reason Behind It

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Recently, the government of India has banned TikTok and other 59 apps. But do know why TikTok Banned in India. The Main Reason Behind It But do you know the story behind it and how dangerous it is? So let’s see.

TikTok Banned in India. The Main Reason Behind It.

The statement of the government of India is,” for safety, security, defence, serenity and integrity of India and to protect data and privacy of people of India the government has banned 59 apps.” Some popular apps are TikTok, UC browser. All these apps are suspected as they are leaking user information. In TikTok, we can see many short videos, but it may be spying on us and collecting this precious data.

Some article on the internet says some capacities which TikTok can do. Once a user downloads TikTok, then how it steals our data? So, let’s see how this function is working. Tiktok downloaders are in billions, so if it may be stealing data, then it is very hazardous. The possibility of data that TikTok can get is your phones’ hardware information.

Which brand’s phone are you using? What’s the function? Which CPU is working? No. Of Cores. Also, all those apps you were installing and was installed. All things related to network, which means your IP address, local IP address, WIFI access point.


Also, your phone is rooted or not? And you jailbreak it. Complete information on GPS can be access. The main hazardous thing is to execute remote code ability. If it is true, then do you know what TikTok can do? If china is preparation for a cyber attack, then your phone will convert into a botnet. It tracks keystrokes on google or any other browser, how much time you type a particular word. Also, it steals your username and password, which is too dangerous. Tracking call log, listing your conversation. Which files are present on your phone, accessing data. If TikTok has remote control ability, then it can do all of this stealing. According to the source, 91.2% of people worldwide are saying TikTok has a small control ability.

You think guys are TikTok have remote control ability or not, don’t forget to comment and delete all these 59 Chinese apps.

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